Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snapchat Cuties | Scrapbooking Tutorial with Irit

Hi! Irit here with a new project I created using some of the lovely new Acritonez and Pasteez! Here's the finished layout-

To create my background I used AcriTonez in Pinkadelic, Blue My Top and 3 Sheets To The Wind. To get that soft peachy color at the top I added a drop of No Yoking Coloringz  to my white and pink mixture. I spread the colors with an old gift card and let them dry, which takes no time at all. These paints dry super fast, perfect for impatient scrapbookers! 

For those fun dots I used Pasteez in Baby Boy Blue and Raspberry Sherbert, and a stencil. I spread the pastes with a palette knife, mixing them in certain areas. The mix beautifully!

There's also, of course, a video tutorial-

If you place an order, mention my name and you'll get a freebie!

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out the Shimmerz website for these goodies and more!

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