Sunday, January 15, 2017

When it hurts....observe. Life is trying to teach you something.

Did you hear that Shimmerz Siren? Yep, that was me, Joyce. Glad you found your way here to let me share with you the colors of purple.

Over the years, I have kept quotes, poems, and excerpts from books I have read in a little spiral bound book. I now enjoy adding these words of wisdom in my art journals.  Here is a gothic-like photo I found on Pinterest and a quote that reads:  “When it hurts…observe. Life is trying to teach you something.”

Some of my favorite elements on this art journal entry are the following:
1.       Background created by painting the inside pages with white gesso but not adding gesso on the edges of the paper.  This method allows the Shimmerz mists and watercolors to absorb in the natural fibers of the paper.  To achieve this, apply a lacy like stencil around the edges of the pages and apply gesso over the stencil, and then fill in the middle parts of the pages with gesso. I love how the natural fibers of the paper absorb the Shimmerz  mists and watercolors.  When using light colors of mists and watercolors, I use clear gesso on top of the white gesso. This prevents the white gesso from resisting the light colors.  After the gesso dries, I applied Rocka-Fella Blue around the edges of the pages and quickly soaked up excess with a sea sponge and allowed to dry thoroughly.  Use the excess on the sea sponge and lightly dab over areas of the pages. Repeat the next layer using the same method with the color Plum Pudding, allow to completely dry before repeating the next layer using the same method with the color Plum Tuckered Out.  Stamped images were applied with a permanent color ink pad.

2.       White Rayon ribbon:  Cut a long piece of white Rayon ribbon and trim the hard edges so that strands of thread are revealed and the ribbon looks worn and tattered.  Scrunch up the ribbon in a ball and lightly soak the ribbon in various colors of Rocka-Fella Blue, Plum Pudding, and Plum Tuckered out.  Between each soak, allow each color to dry on its own before commencing the next soak.  On the final soak, scrunch up ribbon in a ball and allow to dry in a ball.  As I repeated this method, I would sometimes scrunch up the ball of soaked ribbon and punch it down on a paper towel. The paper towel turned out so pretty with the various colors that I decided I would use it too… and I did.  You will find some tucked in under the Rayon ribbon.

3.       Chipboard elements (small pieces): gesso chipboard, apply Ruby Lost Her Slipper with a small paint brush leaving the white edges of the gesso exposed. Ink edges of the chipboard with a permanent color ink pad.

4.       Chipboard Cross: gesso chipboard, combine Paste-eez Cream and Berry-Licious together and paint on top of cross leaving some areas thicker than others. Outline chipboard with a fine marker to add more interest.

5.       Metal element: clear gesso, and Precious Posey.

The following Shimmerz Products  can be found in the Store:

Vibes- Plum Tuckered Out
Vibes- Blushing Bride
Spritz- Plum Pudding
Spritz- Rocka-Fella Blue
Shimmerz- Berry-Licious
Inglingz – Ruby Lost Her Slipper
Inglingz –Precious Posey
Paste-eez –The “Cream” Team

More Shimmerz Paint inspiration can be found on FACEBOOK.

Listen for my Shimmerz Siren call to bring you back here on January 29th. Until then, turn on some creative soul moving music, gesso up the pages on your thrift shop found old book, apply Shimmerz paints and let the magic happen. 

And, if you like what you see here and would like to try some of the products I have used, place an order, mention my name in your order,  and the Shimmerz Team will send you a free product with your order.  How cool is that?!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Whimsical Art Journal Spread & other projects using the same color palette

Hello shimmery friends! It's Zinia here today and I am so excited to share with you my very first project as a member of the Shimmerz Education team.

I had a hard time deciding what to share with you in this first post. I'm generally very enthusiastic with anything crafty so I love working on different things. So instead of focusing on a scrapbook layout or an art journal spread, I decided to do something different.

Let's start by picking a color palette. I chose a combination of blues and purples, with a hint of peach. My blues will be my focal point with the lovely Baby Boy Blue Paste-eez to add dimensional elements and the beautiful Sapphire Spritz. The purple shades can work beautifully as accents. The African Violet Aqua Huez is a really gorgeous bright color and the Berry-licious Shimmerz pain is perfect for shading. You may think that the Peachy Keen Coloringz doesn't fit well in this palette but it can create gorgeous neutral shades when you mix it with Sapphire and it can also be used to create skin tones if you are painting a portrait.

So I used this color selection to create a few different projects. Let's take a look at the card first.

I used all the colors to create a gradient wash going from blue to peach and then to purple. Just mixing the colors with some water and brushing it on the card. Then once that was dry, I added some splatters with the same colors to make it more playful. To finish the card I added my sentiment using the Paste-eez through a stencil and hand-lettering the rest with coordinating colors.

I also created an art journaling spread. I let the colors guide me on that. I started by spraying Peachy Keen and Sapphire on my pages, then I closed my book and let them blend. The result was some beautiful grey splashes that served as a starting point for my design. I also used some Paste-eez
through a stencil.

From there I just kept filling the gaps with different colors, allowing the page to lead the way. Once I was happy with the elements, I used a white paint marker and I outlined some of the shapes.

I kept adding highlights and shades until I was happy with the way it looked. You can watch the whole process along with some more details on the video here:

Last but not least, I also painted a portrait using the exact same products. 

To create a skin tone, I mixed some of the Peachy Keen coloringz with gesso to create a soft shade. I used the blues for the hair and my purples mainly for shading and some accents here and there.

You can really add a lot of depth and dimension to your pieces just with these few colors. They work beautifully on any type of project as long as you know how to use them each time ;) 

So thank you so much for joining me. I really hope you enjoyed taking a closer look on these projects. If you got inspired and you feel like trying this color palette or any other Shimmerz products make sure to mention my name "Zinia" at the comment section of your order to receive a FREE Shimmerz product of your choice!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Layout and Process Video with Shona

Hello Shimmerz fans! Today I have a fun beach themed layout to share, with lots of yummy Shimmerz Products on it! The papers are Vintage Artistry from 49 and Market…they go perfect for my theme and with the vintage photo that I found. My Aunt and my best guess is the 1950’s sometime. 
The NEW Paste-eez Salt of the Earth is perfect for all of your stencilling and I used it with 3 different stencils in the background. 

I also used Hot Fudge Vibez, Well Blue Me Down and Don’t Be Suede Colorings to highlight background sections on this layout.
My finishing touches are with splashes and splatters of Penny 4 Your Thoughts and Giddy About Green Inklingz.
I created my first video in a very long time…and it took me forever to do it. This is video of my process on this layout. It is a wee bit blurry but you can see the step by steps that I did to create it. Click on the link to go to the video. I will work on the blurries on my next video.
On your next order mention my name in the comments at check out and Stacey will send you something extra! Check out our Facebook page for lots of inspiration and share with us what you created with Shimmerz! Look for us on Instagram too! Take care and happy scrapping!  


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Be Transformed - AcriTonez Bible Layout with Nicole

Hey everyone!
Nicole here today to share with you my first project for Shimmerz! I'm super excited to be a part of this amazing team with such talented designers! I love all Shimmerz products, but today I get to share with you the brand new AcriTonez paints! These pains are self-priming acrylics, which means NO GESSO needed!!!  And as a bible journaler, this product is my new best friend! 

As I'm sure you know, bible pages are very very thin. I really wanted to put these new paints to the test and apply them heavy and in layers to see what they could do and see how my page held up.  I did NOT prep my pages with any products at all. I simply found the verse I wanted to journal and began painting! I applied 4 different layers of paint in three different spots and holy moly I was stunned! They dried fast and no bleeding! The only product that transferred was the ink from the stamping I did! Take a look....

I used 3 new AcriTonez colors in this layout: Edgy Eggplan, Jiven Jade and Pinkadelic. The white you see is just plain 'ole gesso. I added some bits and pieces from Illustrated faith and washi from my collection along with the stamping after everything was dry.  I also had this sheet of white and clear stripe acetate in my stash that I thought would look great between the pages, so I trimmed it down to size and added a few more Illustrated Faith cardstock stickers and the butterflies on top to give it a finishing touch! Here is the final page showing the acetate...


Here is the back of this page....drum roll please!!!!!......

OMG! I can not believe that it didn't bleed thru! All you see is the black ink I used on my stamps! Be sure to take a look at these new paints AND the new Paste-eez in the Shimmerz Paints Shop! And don't forget, mention my name at checkout for a free product!  

Here is a close up of the AcriTonez paints I used today...

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, happy scrapping!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Splashes of color to accent pattern papers

Hey it's Beck BT here today with a new share.  It's the new year and I have a want to create with more pattern papers teaming them up with my mixed media style.  I love how you can use various mediums to make pattern papers shine or in this case compliment them perfectly!

 Shimmerz Products:

Aqua Hues in:
Blue Moon
Leapin' Lizard
Red Hot
14 Carrots
                                                                   Little Boy Blue

I had some pattern papers perfect for my subject along with a fun silouhette cut that I took out of one of the pattern paper sheets.  I used the collection of pattern papers to choose my colors for my background matching them in perfectly.  As I was going to use a number of colors I decided on only using one medium for my page and I knew the Aqua Huez would be perfect!  

I created a short video showing the process so you can see how the background comes together.  Remember you can match as little or as many colours as needed to compliment your papers.  

Here are some more pics of my scrapbook page so you can get up close with the colorful goodness! 

Till next time

Like what I have used and would like to get your hands on some?  See below: