Sunday, February 26, 2017

Gypsy Soul

Did you hear that gypsy Shimmerz Siren call out to you?
Yep, that was me, Joyce. 
I’m going to show you how to apply some gypsy/bohemian style
to your art today using Shimmerz Paints.

 I have been enchanted by Gypsy genre and bohemian art styles lately, 
 so I thought I’d take those  feelings and put them on paper.
I adored the movement in the girls dance!
And, I thought I could create such movement with some art products.

  • Applications of stencil and Shimmerz Texturez Tidy Widy were applied over various areas on the 9 x 12 watercolor paper.
  • Then a heat gun was applied over the textured product and allowed to rise, bubble and burst which rendered a lacy look. 
  • On top of the stenciled work, drops of Shimmerz Paint colors were applied, and I quickly added drops of water over the paint colored drops.  After this application, I allowed the color to dry completely before apply several other colors using the same technique.
  • Once all the colors of paint dried thoroughly, I applied a white art pen over the raised stencil work to make it look like a lacy appearance.

And what’s a gypsy girl without her baubles and chains? 
  • Some Inglingz Brass Knuckles was applied over the chipboard chains and then some white art pen markings were added to each bead in the chain.
  • I gently swiped some Shimmerz Celery over the chain. 
  • Some gesso and Shimmerz Key Lime were lightly applied over the metal flower charms.

 Shimmerz Products:
 Spritz – Chance of Rain, 4 Leaf Clover, Plum Pudding
Vibez – Plum Tuckered Out, Blushing Bride
Shimmerz – Celery, Berry-licious, Orchid-stra, Key lime
Inkglingz- Brass Knuckles
Texturez – Tidy Widy

Listen for my Irish Shimmerz Siren call to bring you back on March 15th,

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snapchat Cuties | Scrapbooking Tutorial with Irit

Hi! Irit here with a new project I created using some of the lovely new Acritonez and Pasteez! Here's the finished layout-

To create my background I used AcriTonez in Pinkadelic, Blue My Top and 3 Sheets To The Wind. To get that soft peachy color at the top I added a drop of No Yoking Coloringz  to my white and pink mixture. I spread the colors with an old gift card and let them dry, which takes no time at all. These paints dry super fast, perfect for impatient scrapbookers! 

For those fun dots I used Pasteez in Baby Boy Blue and Raspberry Sherbert, and a stencil. I spread the pastes with a palette knife, mixing them in certain areas. The mix beautifully!

There's also, of course, a video tutorial-

If you place an order, mention my name and you'll get a freebie!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

She Was a Wildflower - Wooden Placque with Shona

Hello Shimmerz fans!! Today I have a fun project to share. I bought a wooden mixed media placque and altered it with lots of Shimmerz products. The wood is like an old barn wood so a vintage photo was perfect to start. The photo is of my mom and sisters.

I started with lots of layers of stencil work in the back ground with the NEW Paste-eez in Salt of the Earth, The “Cream” Team and A Little Nutty. Paste-eez is a wonderful thick paste and perfect for stencil work.

The chippy gears are finished with Penny 4 Your Thoughts and French Twist Inklingz.

I also love the NEW Acritonez paints and used 3 Sheets to the Wind for the splatters and Peas Be Mine of the leafy chipboard.

A few more close ups of all the Shimmerz layers!


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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Art Journalling with Acritonez

Hello Shimerz fans. Felicity back here today.
Have you order or tried the new Actritonez?

Products used: Acritonez, Blue my top, Edgy Eggplant, 3 sheets to the wind, Jiven Jade, Peas be mine, Pinkadelic, Overeasy

I am so in love with them, for many many reasons.

One.  These paints are self priming. So that means when I Art Journal, I dont need to prime my paper with Gesso first. I just scrapped around some Actritonez.

Two. They are so easy to mix. To get this shade of Teal I just mixed on a paint palette some of the Blue My top and Jiven Jade.  Then to add different tones of that teal colour, I add some 3 Sheets to the Wind.

Three. They dry super quick. Normally an Art journal page can take me a full day because I have to wait for each paint colour to dry. Not only that, to make these paints go a little futher, you just add a little water.

I cant wait to play with these again in my Art Journal.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"A Beautiful Life..." Art Journal Page | Nicole Kerr

Hello Shimmerz fans!
Nicole here and I'm so excited to share with you the project I have created!  Today's project is an art journal page featuring the fantastic sprays and the new AcriTonez paints!

I began with prepping my pages with clear gesso and spraying the background with Ruby spritz, Peachy Keen Coloringz, Sunset Strip Vibez, Quit Yer Wine-n Vibez and Walkin' a tight Heliotrop Spritz. The gesso allowed for easier movement of the sprays when they were spritzed with water.  Red, peach and yellow blend beautifully together, however when you introduce purple, you have to be careful not to blend it with the yellow or you'll create a muddy brown be sure to keep a paper towel beside you to absorb puddles of those colors.  Here is a close up of the background:

I stamped layers of text in coordinating colors and used dimensional paste colored with the above sprays to add more texture in the background. I then went in with the AcriTonez and painted green stems.  While this was all drying, I went to my stash and found a 6x6 paper pad with coordinating colors and drew very sketchy petals with a black sharpie. I fussy cut those petals out and glued them down, added wood/enamel adhesive centers and rub on leaves. The smaller flowers in the background were made using dabs of the AcriTonez paints and white gesso.  I finished the page off by adding my title and a thin black border around the page.  Here are close ups of the final page:

I have created a short process video of how I created this layout!
Check out the video below! 

And here are the stars of the show....the Shimmerz products that I used on this project:

Thanks so much for joining me today!
Have a colorful day!