Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am the luckiest MAMA in the world.

Hello hello.
It's Naomi here and today I'd like to share an LO with a picture which I took on Mother's day last month.
As most of us (mothers) are the photographers (and the chefs and the cleaners, ect..) in everyday life, we don't get to be in pictures as often as we SHOULD.
I am glad I made an effort to take some shots of the children and myself on Mother's day with a self timer. (how clever are you, Self timer!!)
It's not a perfect one but "I"am in it with the kids and that's what counts, right?

Here is the LO.

For the background, I firstly applied gesso all over the patterned paper very lightly so that the pattern is still visible not completely hidden.
For the texture, I glued some strips of old dressmaking paper
Then I applied the products below to create interesting new pattern along with the original pattern underneath.
  • VIBEZ Fiery Fiesta
  • VIBEZ Rusty Bottom
  • COLORINGZ No Yoking
  •  VIBEZ Sea Monkey
  • SHIMMERZ Coffee
For the canvas butterfly, I painted it with
  • SPRITZ Sea Form
  • SHIMMERZ Coffee
  • VIBEZ Hermit the Frog
  • COLORINGZ Heidi-Ho-Blue
  • VIBEZ Sea Monkey
  • COLORINGZ Mama sings the Blue
and for the finishing shinny touch, I applied
  • ENAMELZ Sparklicious

I have to say I LOVE how the butterfly turned out using shimmerz.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Naomi xx


Lydell said...

This is just beautiful Naomi! You are a lucky Mama!!! (To get Mothers Day pics....LOL.)

Stac said...

So much shimmery goodness! Thank you Naomi!!