Friday, June 1, 2012

Shimmering with Recycled masks.......

Chances are, you, like me, have many little things just laying about that you could use as masks in your artwork.  I have been collecting bits of this and that for some time.  Sponges, the woven bags our oranges come in, bread tags, old game pieces, tubes.....anything with a cool shape you can spray over or dip into Shimmerz paints to stamp with....

So here is a layout I have been working on today!

I so enjoyed this one.
Lots of masking, with not even one purchased mask.

I hunt and gather all the things that I can find that would be good to spray through.  The large circles is a sheet from a game I bought the kids (once the chipboard discs where punched out), I coated it with acrylic sealer (Helmar) so it could get wet repeatedly and I use it all the time.  The smaller cluster of circles is a used sheet of foam mounting circles, which works great as a mask and a stamp.  I also used a alphabet stencil from a kids stationary set I have had for years.  It pays to check round the house for usable bits and pieces to spray and mist over!!!

I stamped the word 'three' and painted in the colour (a mix of Valentino & My Bleeding Heart Coloringz)

Rolling in the Hay Vibez
Hot fudge Vibez
Before dawn Vibez
Licorice Spritz
Valentino Coloringz
My Bleeding Heart Coloringz

Masking is so much fun....I could make backgrounds all day with Shimmerz Sprays!!!!
Hope you will have a play too.

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Stac said...

UGH!!! I sooooo love this!!! Lydell I wish I could spend the day with you just to watch you create!