Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mini album "10 years" | Anna Komenda

Hello Shimmerz fans. It's Anna here with a new project. I hope You like mini albums, because I have one for You. I made it as a gift for my hubby for our 10'th wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating next week and I really don't feel like a wife for 10 years. Time flies so fast. I chose few of our pictures and I must say to You - it was hard, because we almost don't have photos together. All I found was some silly selfies mostly. But it's also a part of our history together. 
I mixed pattern paper with mixed media pages. You can watch all the process on the video below.

Video is quite long and I decided I don't need to include the embellishing process. You will just watch my usual steps during creating a mini album, along with making mixed media pages and connecting it all into the album.

My album is small. Pages are 4*4 inches. I decided to use pink and yellow color combo - one of my favorites. I wanted it to look a little bit messy so I didn't cut off the thread after sewing. I also added black splashes on the cover. I have a lot of big pictures there so I really didn't need much embellishments.
Now I must warn You - there will be a lot of pictures in this post :) Check for Shimmerz supplies at the end of the post.

I hope You made it through. Don't forget to mention my name while placing and order at Shimmerz shop. You will get one free mini product :)

Simmerz products:
Aqua Huez - Hottie pink, Crazy daisy
Creameez - Cheeky pink 
Inklingz - Miner, miner 49er
Coloringz - No Yoking
Spritz - Chick-a-Dee 

That's it for today. Thank You for stopping by. Don't hesitate to ask questions in the comment section if You have any.


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