Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Card and Tag by Jennifer Marie

Hello Shimmerz addicts,

Today, it's my turn to post on the blog. I am so happy to be part of this team.
It is really a pleasure to play with inks and paintings ... The pastes and textures of "TEXTUREZ"

For his 2 sheaves I played with the "TEXTUREZ" and "SHIMMERZ"

To start, I spread out using my knife, "texture" Gold mine, its sanded texture gives a dimension and texture to the creation. Once dry, I spread out my "texture" Sandy stone, and once again dried.

Once all is dry, I have using my "Acritonez" 3 Sheets to the Wind, apply with my brush to some place to soften...
Then, place at my favorite moment: the assembly of the sheave.

Once every embellishment in its place, up to more colors ... And this time I used my "Shimmerz" Golden Wheat, to apply to some places of my embellishments.

I hope you like it ...

Used media:

- Texturez ( Gold Mine )
- Texturez ( Sandy Stone )
- AcriTonez ( 3 Sheets To The Wind )
- Shimmerz ( Golden Wheat )

See you soon
And good Shimmerz

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