Thursday, January 2, 2020

Shimmerz Paints January 2020 Color Kitz with Samantha Robles

Happy 2020 everyone! I'm so excited for all this year is set to bring. A new year reminds us to start fresh, be hopeful and remember to celebrate every day like it's a new year. I took yesterday to crack open the new January Color Kitz. This kit is twice the size of the original Kitz. Each kit will come with exclusive products and colors. That means you can only get these in the Color Kitz. The January one includes 3 new colors: 
1. Into The Woodz Vibez. This is a hunter green spray with intense shimmer added in
2. Sage Advice Shimmerz. This is a mid sage green hue and a great year long color.
3. Silver Fox Shimmerz. This is just a silver paint with shimmer added within for a metallic look. They are stunning and simply unique to other colors available on the market. 
To say I fought with this layout is an understatement. I spent maybe 3 days messing around with different ideas and just was in a create funk. I blame the holiday hustle and bustle, he he! Yesterday, this idea just hit me while snuggled on the couch with my puppy. I started by painting 3 sheets of watercolor paper with Sage Advice, Silver Fox and Before Dawn Vibez (Also available in this kit). While those sheets are drying, I took this doily and sprayed it with Into the Woodz. This will come as a shock, but those doily's are from the dollar bins at Target for Valentines Day. You get 12 in a package. Run, don't walk, to get them. Target  always has little random things for my layouts. Even if it doesn't seem conventional, it always inspires me to think outside the box. My only gripe is they're super thin. So just handle them with care or double up.

I sped up the drying process with my heat tool but took caution with the doily. As I said before, they're super thin. I took my watercolor sheets and popped them in my cricut and used the "Branch" and "Leaf Branch" cut files from Paige Evan's Silhouette shop. I then cut my doily in half and placed it on my layout first, then tucking the leaves and branches behind the doily. Just using some basic tape to hold the pieces down. I've had some of these gold foil stickers from Joann's sitting my craft bins. I had these crazy adorable frames from the Maggie Holmes Flourish collection 

I finished up this layout with some fun American Crafts gold glitter stickers that I actually found at my neighborhood Walmart (Mind = blown), as well as the adorable Dotz in this kit as well.
All in all, this layout took maybe 45 minutes. Simple little things make a huge impact on your projects. So don't be afraid to branch out with colors you maybe uncomfortable with or maybe something totally out of the box, like the doily's. Find the creativity in the little things.

Thanks so much for stopping by. You can snag your awesome January Color Kitz in the Shimmerz Shop right now. When you place an order, drop my name in the order comments when you check out to get a super cool surprise from Shimmerz Paints. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Happy 2020 everyone!


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