Friday, February 8, 2019

Forward Together | Niki Rowland

Hey there! It's Niki here today and I have a school layout to share today. I know school photos and layouts are usually more common in September, but we have our school photos taken in November and I didn't receive them until January! I don't always like school photos, mainly because I don't like school uniform all that much, so my policy is that they have to be scrapped immediately, otherwise they never get done.

So I started off by working out approximately where the photos were going to go. I then created a water colour effect background using the packaging technique. I used three colours:

To apply the paint to put a small amount onto a piece of packaging. I then add water if necessary. I tend to find that the Shimmerz Paints need a bit of water added to make them more fluid. The Vibez sprays don't usually need any water added. I apply one colour at a time and if time is on my side, I let each colour dry before applying the next colour.

After adding the large areas of paint, I then added lots of splatters. Once dry I then added my photo and embellishments. I really love the lime green colour in this layout with the birght yellow, it gives a slightly alternative take on the usual primary colours!  

I added paper strips at the top and the bottom of the layout. I got my photo and embellishments all stuck in place, and then realised I have covered up most of the background! This seems to happen to me quite a lot. So I added in lots of extra splatters around the edges of my photo and embellishments. I love the way the splatters can really see the beautiful shimmer in these paints. 

 Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope you have enjoyed this school layout and don't forget that if you place an order via the Shimmerz website, enter my name in the comments for a freebie. 
Happy scrapping xx 

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