Thursday, August 17, 2017

"You're A Star" with Nicole

Happy Thursday Shimmerz Fans!

It's the middle of August and can you believe kids are already starting back to school?! I sure can't! It seems like just yesterday we celebrated the last day!  Well, whether they want to go back or not, my two kiddos are headed back next week. The anxiety of a new, bigger school and a new bus is definately on my oldest sons mind. He's been at my side nearly every day throughout the summer helping me create scrapbook layouts, doing art projects and so much more. I thought, what would be a better way than to create something for him, like he's done for me over the summer months, to sneak in his book bag! Something that would let him know that I'm thinking of him on the first day of his new year. I want him to know that I'm proud of him, so I made him this card that I hope I can sneak into his folder without him seeing!

He's always been very much into Science and Math, so what a better opportunity than to create a space themed card telling him that he's my star!

I began my card with heavy weight water color paper. I chose the Shimmerz colors that I felt best represented "space," which were:
Inklingz Precious Peoney
AcriTonez Pinkadelic
AcriTonez 3 Sheets To the Wind
Vibez Sunset Strip
Vibez Jeni B Bleu
Coloringz Mamma Sings the Blues
Spritz Ruby
Spritz Walkin on a Tight Heliotrope
Original Shimmerz Paint in Coal

There was definately a lot of colors that went on this card, but they went on very easy and there really is no "wrong" way of doing this! I began by spritzing my piece of water color paper with water. It helps color to move more easily and blend when the colors are added. I then began by adding small bits of each of the colors to my piece. Here's what the first layer looked like:

I sprayed a small amount of each of the mists in the pallet on the left so I had more control. I applied each color with my #8 oval brush.  Once the first layer of color was dry, I began with my first layer of black.  I ended up using about 2-3 layers of the black, letting it dry between each layer so it would darken each time.  Here's a look at what it looks like with the final layer of black on it:

Doesn't look the pretties, huh? lol!!  If you make it this far, DON'T GIVE UP! The next step is what really makes it look like a galaxy and pop!  The final stage of painting is adding white splatters!  I used AcritTonez 3 Sheets to the Wind for this step! Self priming paint with gesso makes it great and opaque! I put a little bit of the paint onto my stamping block, added some water, then flicked the paint off the block with my brush to create this effect:

I let this dry for quite a while. A few hours at least because I then used a rectangle die from my stash to cut the exact place on this piece that I wanted to use for my background. I didn't want the paint to not be cured and get messed up when running it thru my die cutting machine.

Once the background was cut, I added a sentiment with some white glittery thread behind it and white glittery embossed stars to the galaxy.  Here's a few close ups of the final project:

I just love all of that shimmer that makes the whole background pop!

I hope you try this background technique! Its very fun and very forgiving!! My kind of style! lol!

Thanks so much for joining me today!
I hope I have inspired you!
Until next time, have a great week and if you have kiddos, good luck on you're first day back to school!

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