Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One-Day Travel Junk Journal by Joyce

Put your sunglasses on because this is a bright project!

Sharing with you another junk journal, but this time, it’s for me!  I made it to record events of a one-day train ride to a beach city with my nieces.  It’s a small junk journal to cover a day’s events and enough room to add photos and other ephemera later.  There are tuck spots, and envelopes to hold treasures.  It’s bright and so unlike anything else I’ve created which actually made it even more enjoyable for me during the creative process.  The cover is a remnant from a gift bag I found in a bargain bin.  Since the cover was ornate, I didn’t feel it needed any other embellishment, which will make it easy to tote around too.  Often times, paper collections make half of the work of a project easy, but when you don’t possess any papers that work for your project, you have to improvise and so I did with Shimmerz Paints.

I like how the pages above are cascading revealing each new page.

Journal pages made from printer paper, stencil, Plum Pudding Shimmerz and Bamboo Leaf, and a little stamping.  I really like how these journal pages turned out and will use this technique again.  It’s another option other than tea or coffee staining journal paper.  Instead of spraying a mist over a stencil onto paper, I sprayed on top of the stencil, flipped the stencil over, and slapped it down onto the paper.  This revealed another pattern of the stencil.

Chipboard element above on journal page:  Plum Pudding, Purple Shimmerz and some white embossing powder.  This chipboard element is a tuck spot for receipts, etc.

The above tag features Plum Pudding and Bamboo Leaf Shimmerz.

Inside Covers were covered with patterned napkins with a sealant over the napkin to add stability.

Sometimes when I finish reading a magazine, I cut out little photos the size of postage stamps to use on future projects, and here I did so and added some of those photos to little tags with lacy bits.

The green envelope flips open to reveal a secret pocket and tag for storing and journaling on my travel journey.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own one-day travel journal using Shimmerz Paints to create journaling pages and embellishments.

Thank you for letting me share with you, and I'll see you back here on August 29th.

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