Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trouble maker by Anna Komenda

Hello everyone. It's Anna here with my July inspiration. I made another girly page in juicy colors. I love combination of yellow and pink and I use it quite often in my projects. They are a perfect match for my younger daughter. She is such a cutie but she is also very bossy, always has her own opinion and she is not easy to cooperate. My older daughter was always such a graceful child, easy to work with so the contrast between them two is quite a shock for me :D 

I used Aqua Huez and creameez to create one part of the background. I also used white Paste-eez for the first time and I just love how it works with the stencils. The details are so nicely highlighted. It dries fast, with a matte finish. This is a fabulous product.

I decided to use yellow colors because of the yellow tones in my picture. I needed to edit it a lot because it was very dark but I really loved this portrait of Maja.

Those abstract flowers really are a great solution if you run low with the embellishments but you want your page to look busy and filled with all the pretty stuff. I will definitely come back to this idea in some other project. With the Shimmerz Paints you can easily create the flower in the colors you need in that moment. You can use mists or paints to color the layers. Possibilities are limitless.

I hope I inspired you with this project to play with papers and paints. As always I have a process video for you.

I used:
- Aqua Huez (notice that they are no longer continued): Hottie Pink, Crazy Daisy
- Creameez: Cheeky Pink
- Shimmerz: Sunny
- Paste-eez: Salt of the Earth
- Spritz: Chick-a-dee

That's all for today. Thank you fro stopping by and see you in August.

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