Saturday, July 15, 2017

Travel Junk Journal by Joyce

I must have had my head buried in the sand these last few years because I just discovered Junk Journals. Now, I’m hooked on them!  This genre has its own language too.

Below are pages I created for my nieces travel junk journal to accompany her on our train excursion to a beach city.

Since my niece doesn’t like anything old, it was a challenge for me not to try and “vintage” it up a little bit.Let me tell you how I used Shimmerz Paints to add some color and  interest into the junk journal.

Belly Band Page Above  (a vertical or horizontal element used for a “tuck spot”):
This side of the printed scrapbook paper is completely white.  I applied a stencil and lightly misted over the pattern with Vibez Deep Blue Sea and Spritz Taupe of the World to create some subtle interest.  In between the scrapbook papers in the journal, I added lined spiral bound and grid papers and applied the same technique.  I like how all the pages in the journal are not the same sizes.  And, since this is a junk journal, I also added one of those perfumed pages from a magazine for a quick fragrance pick me up during the rip and a small map of the beach city on the last page of the journal.
Perfumed Magazine Page Above:

I created a little page pocket with some white linen lacy fabric work on this page which features the perfume magazine page that contains the perfume.  And, you know how much I love Pasteez-Salt of the Earth!   I used a little office metal tag and embellished it with some much sheet paper and a fussy cut butterfly then I toned it down to look opaque looking with Pasteez, and added some bead charms.  On the other side of the page, I dry brushed Creameez Witches Blue over a floral stencil and added some white pen dots to tone down the color a little ad add some interest.  There is a “tuck spot” for some travel memorabilia above my niece’s photo and “C 8” card.  I added lots of tuck spots and secret places to journal in the junk journal.

Mata Hari Page Below:

Again, a stencil and Vibez Deep Blue Sea were applied on the white background paper, as well as the dry brush technique on the other side of the page.  A little book to read on the train ride contains some historical information on the first celebrity before the Kardashians, and the first female  infamous spy.  The book is tucked into the “side pocket.”  On the other side of the page I included a “journal prompt” in the form of a banner tag at the top of the page to inspire some journaling.  I added these journal prompts throughout the journal.


Mini Pull-Up Card Page Above:  I created a mini pull up mixed media card  for some secret journaling.  The cheesecloth was placed in a baggie with some Vibez Deep Blue Sea mist to obtain the desired color.  The small paint drops are from Inklingz Miner, Miner 49er.

 I hope I have inspired you to use your Shimmerz Paint products on your own junk journal.

Thanks for letting me share with you.



Shona said...

so awesome

Astrid Maclean said...

Aren't junk journals fun?? This one looks super!

Lydell Quin said...

Looks amazing Joyce!!!