Friday, July 28, 2017

Seamless Ombree effects with Shimmerz pots of shimmery goodness with Beck Beattie

Hi Everyone, Beck Beattie here today sharing a fun and easy way to create an ombre effect with Shimmerz paint.  I love the shimmery goodness that are contained in these pots, and sometimes even a bonus that with just a little stir it is ready to go!

Shimmerz Products Used:
Shimmerz - Bubble Gum Blast
Shimmerz - Antique Lace
Shimmerz - Candlelight

I want to take you through how easy it is to create a beautiful and seamless ombre effect.  You could do this with different colours like I have or different tones of the same colour.  The biggest thing to remember to get the full effect is to work from dark to light or light to dark in your choice of colours.

Take the first colour - in my case this is Bubblegum Blast and colour a third in a sweeping motion across your cardstock with a paint brush.

Next I repeated the process overlapping the first color a little.  This time I used the 'Antique Lace' colour for the middle portion of my ombre effect.

The third and last portion of the ombre effect was created with the 'Candlelight' colour.  It was a perfect fit with the other two colors and again I was sure to overlap the colours.  You can see the gradual color blend so nicely when it dried.

I added some sweet die cut elements onto the card to finish and I just love how it finished up.  Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy.

I Hope you enjoyed my share today.

Happy Crafting!

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