Thursday, June 1, 2017

Love Letters in June.

Another month has rolled on by and its June already!
But that also means another Love Letters Video.

This time I am sharing a page from my Planner.
I love my Planner.  Its always with me, and it really does contain my life!

This month I used Shimmerz for some watercolour elements and some calligraphy.  It always creates a lovely page with the shimmery lettering and details.  So beautiful to work with too!

I used a selection of greens from The Shimmerz, Inklingz and Creameez ranges and a water brush.  I tried to choose colours that fit in three different ranges.  lights, mediums and darks so I could get some dimension in the leafy wreath.

Check the Video to see the process.

So thats it from me for this month.
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Thanks for stopping by today!

Lydell x

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