Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Felicity / Actritonez layout with a process video

Hello shimmerz fans,

I have a new layout today to share that uses the new Actritonez, Paste-eez and colouringz.

Products used: Actritonez - 3 sheets to the wind/ overeasy/blue my stop / edgy eggplant / peas be mine / jiven jade / pinkadelic 
Paste-eez - salt of the earth
Colouringz: Pink stiltoes/ oh say can U sea / well blue me down / no yoking 
Vibez: Jeni B Bleu 

I wanted to experiment today and use the Actritonez as a primer, because these are already self priming, I wanted to just mix other shimmerz products with them and put them straight on to the cardstock with gesso. Because the  colouringz and vibez are mixed with Actrictonez, the colouringz and vibez would not bled through the paper and still allow them to move around in the page. They wouldn't get soaked up on the paper.

I just mixed the products together on some plastic and then put it down on my page. I had previously laid down some masking tape so I could create an abstract grid.

Then used some paste-eez and shimmerz together and used that as a bit of stamp pad to stamp out some images. I then cut these out and layed them into my page.

I loved mixed the coloringz and vibez together because the Actric tonez and paste-eez are a flat finish, mixing them gave them a shimmer.

I have my first Shimmerz process video for you.
Pop over and have a look, it all might make better sense then.

Hope this inspires you today to just experiment.

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