Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We are all a little broken....and that's okay.

Did you hear that Shimmerz Siren?  Yep, that was me Joyce.  Glad you found your way here to let me share some heart-stuff with you today.

You wouldn’t think that pages this size would include so many Shimmerz products….but they did.
And, I was only too happy to work and include them in my art journal entry entitled, “We’re all a Little Broken.”  One of my favorite things to do when working in old thrift shop books is to create my own backgrounds. 

The following Shimmerz products were used to age the book pages and work with the colors in the photo: 

Shimmeringz- Heavy Metal
Vibez – Blushing Bride
Sptriz - Treasured Hymm

The broken heart chipboard above was created with the new Acritonez self-priming acrylic paint. After applying gesso on top of the chipboard, add light molding paste over a small pattern stencil and allow the product to dry. Then apply the Acritonez – Roses are Red paint on top of the chipboard and molding paste.  Then spritz on some Vibex- Blushing Bride to add some depth in the color. Using a small paint brush add Inklingz- Brass Knuckles, and Inklingz- I Love You Onyxly around the raised molding paste patterns to make the molding paste pattern stand out. Some rich Blingz – Gold Glimmer was lightly added around the circumference of the broken heart.

And finally, I used another new product, Paste-eez dimensional paint. Above, this paint was spread over a small heart stencil. When the product dried, I shaded the three little dimensional hearts with Inklingz- I Love You Onyxly and a very small paint brush to make them stand out gloriously.

I hope I have inspired you to visit your local thrift shop and re-purpose an old book using the gorgeous Shimmerz paint line.  

Acritonez – Roses are Red
Paste-eez –The “Cream” Team
Shimmeringz- Heavy Metal
Vibez – Blushing Bride
Spritz – Treasured Hymm
Blingz – Gold Glimmer
Inklingz- I Love You Onyxly
Inklingz – Brass Knuckles
Inklingz – Miner, Miner 49er

My next Shimmerz Siren call will be on February 26th. Come and let me inspire you with more ways to use Shimmerz Store products. 

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