Thursday, February 23, 2017

Art Journalling with Acritonez

Hello Shimerz fans. Felicity back here today.
Have you order or tried the new Actritonez?

Products used: Acritonez, Blue my top, Edgy Eggplant, 3 sheets to the wind, Jiven Jade, Peas be mine, Pinkadelic, Overeasy

I am so in love with them, for many many reasons.

One.  These paints are self priming. So that means when I Art Journal, I dont need to prime my paper with Gesso first. I just scrapped around some Actritonez.

Two. They are so easy to mix. To get this shade of Teal I just mixed on a paint palette some of the Blue My top and Jiven Jade.  Then to add different tones of that teal colour, I add some 3 Sheets to the Wind.

Three. They dry super quick. Normally an Art journal page can take me a full day because I have to wait for each paint colour to dry. Not only that, to make these paints go a little futher, you just add a little water.

I cant wait to play with these again in my Art Journal.

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