Saturday, October 1, 2016

Love Letters In October (#5)

Hello October!

I have a new Love Letters Video for you today.
With all the busy-ness in everyday life, it's so nice to sit down and just play.

Creating things that are easy, loose, not too structured....just letting the paint do its thing......Its fun. Thats all!

In this video you see how simple it is to let the brush make its marks.  Add water and watch the paint move.  Mix Aqua Huez (flat colours) with Inklingz (shimmery colours) and see how the shimmer responds.  Its really a process of getting to know your paints and the specific colours (they have a habit of behaving differently!)  Its relaxing and very therapeutic!

You will need
Paper that is thick enough to be able to handle a bit of water
a round brush  size 6,8 or even 10
Gesso to seal the page (I used clear)
Shimmerz Aqua Hues, Creameaz or Inklingz in colours for flowers and leaves

watch the Video Here.....

Gesso your page first.
This gives you room to move as the paint sits on top of the surface rather than soaking in.  This means you are able to move the paint around, even when it has dried.  Remove completely with a baby wipe!  (cool!!!)

Let the brush make marks.  Push it and drag it.  You will be surprised how many flower and leaf shapes the brush is able to make on its own!!!  Practice on scrap paper to get a feel for it.

Let layers dry (use a heat tool if you are not particularly patient!) and then add more to build colour and dimension!

outline with the lead pencil to define shapes and bring your painting to life.

The Lettering.....

As always layout your design lightly in pencil first (don't press hard as it's tricky to erase pencil on gesso) use a water brush or paint brush with a nice fine point.  You can see in the video that this gives you the option of pushing down heavily to get thick lines on your downstrokes and lifting to get light pressure on the upstrokes.  
(practice with a couple of different ones in your collection.....they don't all perform the same!)

Practise this
Heavy down
light up.

It's easy, but takes some rhythm to get the hang of.  
Practise, as with anything is key.

 Thanks so much for stopping in today.....Hope you can sit and relax with your paint soon!!!

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