Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mixed media canvas using Aqua Huez

 Hello. Felicity here today.

I would lie if I didnt say that Aqua Huez would be one of my favorite Shimmez products.
I want to share with you today, this little canvas I made for a dear friends birthday.
I used Aqua Huez along with Inklingz. The inklingz add a little sparkle and shimmer.

Products used: 

I primed my canvas first with gesso and then I first spritz the canvas with water. I then used a wet brush and just simply drop Aqua Heuz on the canvas and let the colours blend together.
I had this idea of trying to get the colours to form a butterfly that is flying.
I then used a drier fine brush to outline the butterfly.

If you look closely and a little imagination you will see the butterfly.

I then just embellished the canvas.

Cant wait to play more with Aqua Huez.

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