Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Aque Heuz card with Yuko.

Hello! Shimmerz friends!  Yuko here!
I got the Aque Heuz of new products!
This is very nice and excited!
I made a card immediately by using the Aqua Heuz!


I used  Aqua Huez  Rockin'n Robin/Blue Moon/Blue Me away /Sea weed/Pot-o-Gold.

Aqua Heuz is often very color, easy-to-use because there is no shimmer.
Also the color of the blue line is the rich is happy for me!

INKLINGZ of Brass Knuckles has put out classical atmosphere.

I this color I like very!!!

I chose a 10-color set of.Preference has appeared!

<Shimmerz Products>
Aqua Huez   
Rockin'n Robin/Blue Moon/Blue Me away /Sea weed/Pot-o-Gold
Brass Knuckles/Green Pastures

Thank You for looking!

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