Monday, December 3, 2012

Canvas Art with Shimmerz Paint FREE mini Series Class

Welcome to the next video in this FREE Shimmerz Mini Series Class this week on Canvas Art.
In this video I show you the process I took to create a canvas,  many many layers in this canvas.
With this style, the process you take along the way is almost more important than the end result, and often you will not have a clear vision of the end result in your mind as you create.
It is a very free-ing style of painting.  You really have to let go and just put paint on the canvas, and create without too much thought, using mixed media to create something fun, and thoroughly enjoy the process, having it change and evolve with every stage.

This is quite a lengthy process so parts had to be skipped so you didnt have to watch hours of footage, and this video is in fast forward so you can get a good idea of the various stages you go through before getting to the end result.....and it looks pretty cool along the way too!!

So lets watch the next video!

Have a great day, and remember to stop back tomorrow for the third video in this FREE mini series class.

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