Sunday, December 2, 2012

Part 1 Shimmerz Canvas Art

Hey there....
I am up for a series of videos to Start December.  I have been working on a canvas, which is still not totally finished, but its not too far off.
Here some sneak peaks.....

This canvas is quite involved, not difficult, just time consuming.  But ever so fun.

Watch the process to get it started with Part 1 today!
This 1st video will show how to prepare the background...the underlying layers, which helps the end image become apparent.  You often will not know what the outcome will be, or what your canvas will look like when you start.  I kinda knew I would like birds, but I wasnt sure if I would be able to 'see' birds after I got the preliminary canvas prepared. (more on that with the next video)

So lets begin.

So I hope this made sense to you all....Quite a lot of this series will need to be sped up so that it can all be fit in!  If you have any queries, please just ask!

And be sure to stop by tomorrow for part 2!!!

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