Friday, January 28, 2011

Two projects, many Shimmerz.

Hi Ladies, I have two fun projects to share with you today. When sitting down to creatre my first project, I knew that I would be using different products of  Shimmerz family.

I created the flowers by cutting the petals from scraps of paper and I added a touch of different Shimmerz as a topping on my background.
For this tag, I used Vibez: I get so strong and bright colours!

Here I used Shimmerz to create the green and blue drops.
On this card I used the soft Shimmerz Spritz.
Products used:

Vibez: Hermit the Frog and Jeni B Blue.
Shimmerz: Sunny, Clery and Acqua Marine.
Spritz: Cotton Candy, A Leaf Clover and Chick-A-Dee.

For this second project, I created a card that holds photos: it's a nice gift to give to your dearest ones.

Products used:

Vibez: RazzelDazzel Berry and Sea Monkey.
Shimmerz: Royal Purple, Magenta, Acqua Marine and Sunny.

Have a great day with creativity!



Stac said...

Roberta, your artwork is always so inspiring. You give us new, fun and exciting reasons to reach for our Shimmerz. Love your work!!! Gorgeous!

BabyBokChoy said...

These are so so beautiful!!

Christie Bryant said...

These are gorgeous! Love both of your projects - so inspiring!

Gio said...

I love this projects so delicate and elegant!It's such a great idea to put photos inside a card.