Friday, July 30, 2010

Blingz and Thingz

By, Christie Bryant

I find myself grabbing my Simmerz Blingz for all of my projects. No lie, I'm in love with Shimmerz Blingz. I know, I know, if I'm so in love with Blingz...I should marry it, right?
I would if I could but I can't.
I'm already married.

When sitting down to create my "Swim" layout, I knew that I would be using a lot of blue. I grabbed any Shimmerz Product I had that was blue...Blingz, Vibez, Spritz.
And then I grabbed my Orange and brown Shimmerz too.

I loved turning my Black and White Paper
Black and Sea Monkey or
Black and Rusty Bottom
using the Shimmerz Spritz.

And oh, the Blingz,
If I could marry you...

Look at what a little Winter Green mixed with some Carrot Top did
to my little chipboard Seahorse:

The Winter Green Blingz really dressed up my cardstock letters:

I love how Shimmerz products always push my creativity to a whole new level!

Thanks for stopping by!


Roberta said...

Wow!!! So artistic ... So creative!!! Stunning!

Stacy Cohen said...

Oh wowsa!!! This is beautiful!! I'm lovin' all the blue.

Taj White said...

very artsy, I love it!

Stac said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!