Saturday, July 31, 2010

4 Atc for Freedom

This is the first time I publish Atc on this blog and I want do it in a special way.

These are 4 individual Atc that combined together make up a small painting.

To make the background, first I brushed Blingz and shortly after I sprayed Shimmerz Spritz to dilute a bit the Blingz and create a double color effect.

The combinations of colors I used are: for the yellow Atc Mello Yello Blingz with Chick-a-dee Shimmerz Spritz; for the orange Atc Island Salsa Blingz with Mango Madness Shimmerz Spritz; for the green Atc Winter Green Blingz with 4 Leaf Clover Shimmerz Spritz and for the blue Atc Under The Sea Blingz with Eucalyptus Shimmerz Spritz.

I realized the black balls with the help of a stencil and I sprayed Before Dawn Vibez.

Once the background ready, I drew the bird cage with a white gel pen, then I embossed the wings and the birds and finally I added some charms.

Have a great day with creativity!



Dawn-Marie said...

It's stunning!

BabyBokChoy said...

They are so so very beautiful!

謝翁穎翰毓珍 said...


Ibon said...

i'm from Barcelona and i love your blog, all it's nice!!!

Gio said...

This set of ATCs is marvellous!!

Stacy Cohen said...

So creative!!!

Stac said...

All the color and detail is outstanding.