Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art book!

I love playing with the canvas: color it with any kind of colors; stamp; paste flowers, newspaper clippings, pictures ....

Thanks to Shimmerz, now I can make my paintings, and even more, with a new effect. The Shimmerz products are water based paints and they can be used to tone other water based paints down.

Want do you to see?

One day I took a piece of cloth and ..... after having used very much gesso, glue, Water-soluble wax pastel color, watercolors, some rub ons ... here is the final result.

But my work could not be said finished, I was still unsatisfied.I took Babys Breath Shimmerz Spritz and I sprayed, sprayed, sprayed...

The wax pastel and watercolors dissolved and mixed with Babys Breath Shimmerz Spritz. All this made brilliant the whole canvas. The flowers seem dewy.

Now is a good job! I used my painting as a cover of a small art book.

The pages of my art book are sheets 12x12 folded and bound. I drew a small black border around the edges and then I sprayed Babys Breath Shimmerz Spritz to blend it.

I inserted, between the sheets, of the white flowers colored with Vibez and Shimmerz Spritz. I used : Sapphire Shimmerz Spritz, Sunset Strip Vibez, Red-Y or Not Vibez, Hermitte Frog Vibez, Vertigre Vibez and Grape Scape Vibez.

Have a great day with creativity!



LollyChops said...

What a lovely book! I love all of the techniques you used (and the texture is amazing too)!

Christie Bryant said...

So beautiful! I love the flowers between pages. So clever!

Gio said...

This project is stunning!! Brilliant idea to use Shimmerz paint as a medium. I have to try!

Stac said...

I had to read this post twice to soak up all the fun info. The colors and textures are outstanding. What a sweet art book. I'm inspired! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us Roberta!