Saturday, March 20, 2010

Altering Paper with Shimmerz Paints

I love layering paints and then removing some of the layers in spots just to see what sort of textures that you can create with multiple paints. For this project  I started with a sheet of Webster's papers and white washed over the design with watered down white gesso. I then painted a very light design of flowers, leaves and vines in the left corners. The combination of Shimmerz colors I used are ( Hottie Pink, Coffee, and Mossy Stone) the colors were all painted directly from the jars.

The photo was matted on a piece of  cardboard that had been spritzed with Shimmerz Ruby.

The matted photo was then placed on top of a piece of water color paper.

The get the color combination on the water color paper I first spritzed the paper with Shimmerz Spritz- Ruby and Caribbean Sunset. Let the paper dry completely before you start layering the Shimmerz paints. Determine your photo placement on the paper and pencil in a line, so that you will know where to add the paints.  There is really no need to paint the entire paper is you photo will be covering  the paper. I used a combination of  Shimmerz Jilted Jade, Mossy Stone, Silver Bells as my second paint step. Basically just  use a light touch and randomly brush the colors over the paper. Do not worry too much about the placement because the next step will change all of the design.

Once you have the Shimmerz paint on the paper your will  spritz the entire painted area with  Shimmerz Baby's Breath and Concrete you want the paper to be  wet. The next step is to sprinkle regular Morton salt on top of the painted area and leave it over night to dry.  Apply the salt heavy in some areas and light in other for a mottled effect. When the entire piece is completely you can brush the salt off of the paper with a dry paint brush.

The fabric roses were a very light baby pink so I spritzed them with Ruby to darken the  pink color.

Thanks for looking and have fun with you paints!- Gayle


Stacy Cohen said...

WOWSA!!! This is STUNNING!!!

Roberta said...

What a great idea! The colors and the details are fabulous!

Ciao ciao

Taj White said...

So very pretty. I love the photo

Stac said...

Wowweee, wow, wow, wow!!! This is so gorgeous!!! Super job Gayle!

Samantha McElyea said...

I love this! The photography makes this so romantic :D

LG said...

Such lovely colors! Very pretty!