Monday, April 6, 2009

Sponge & Shimmer

I love to make my own backgrounds and so I wanted to show you a technique I use a lot - I call it 'sponge and shimmer'. Trust me - it's super easy!

Sponge a couple of different colors of ink in several shades onto a white or cream piece of card stock. I generally use at least five different inks and move from light to dark. Then using a wide, damp brush, paint a coordinating color of Shimmerz or Blingz over the top of the sponging. It doesn't matter which type of ink you use, but keep in mind if it's a water soluble/dye ink (eg Stampin' Up! Classic Ink) that the damp brush will further blend the colors. The piece needs to dry completely before you can stamp your image on it.

Here are a couple of cards I made with this technique:

Thanks for stopping by the Shimmerz blog - have a super day!

All images by Artistic Oupost.


Debby said...

These are gorgeous! I needs more shimmer!

Linda Beeson said...

I can see I need to try that - I love creating my own backgrounds an I can just image the Shimmer that would result.

Kim Dellow said...

Beautiful, I love the look. I will have to go try this.

Shar said...

Great look! I'll have to try this out!

Karen Taylor said...

So Stunning!

Stac said...

They look almost holographic. Beautiful!