Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tatoo by Veronika

 Hello scrappy friends

Today's layout is about my first handpoke :) Since I decided to have a tatoo, I knew that this is the thing I want to scrap. It wasn't easy for me to think about composition and items on layout , I wanted to have it some message in, not just another floral layout ( dont get me wrong I love florals:D). , Then I was looking into my stash and when I saw all little statment stickers, I knew it will be right choice :)

As always I started with clear gesso, then I choose my color palette to match patterned paper which I wanted to use as part of my layout . I went for pinks (Pink Stilettos and Sweetheart), turquoise (Seas  the day) and blues ( Snow Way Man and Rip Van Periwinkle). I used my brush to spread colors and create some interesting shifts and color combinations. After it was dry I added few splatters, but I paid attention not to get oversplattered :D

After all set and dry I used big part of paper to right side of my layout and then I was thinking out a lot how to arrange my photos to not kill my eyes with wrong composition. Then I decided to go for florals, even I didnt want them at the begining :D I fussycuted   them from another patterned paper and as they are B&W they dont overkill my layout. Then I arranged everything and added small statement stickers. I tried to choose those that has relation to my feelings about my decision to have a tatoo :)

At the end I die cutted letters from white cardstock for my title, I used dies from PF studio and used just outlines to have my colored area biggest as possible. At the end journaling and thats all :)

Hope you like my layout and see you next time


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