Thursday, July 14, 2022

Super Hero Embellishments | Shimmerz Paints | Guest: MK Gunn

Hey Friends! They let me come back with another project share!  Today I'm making a bunch of embellishments using a cut up cut file, stickers, papers, labels & paints.

The colors I used for this project are: Dandy Lion; Rita on the Rocks; Witches Blue; & Miner Miner 49er. I also used a spray: Lil' Yellow Skool Bus. 

As I was painting the stars for the project I associated the colors to super heros.

I'm a huge Marvel fan, but when I saw a few DC look-alikes, I had to giggle and include those into some of my clusters.

Once all my clusters were finished, I went back and splattered with Witches Blue; Lil' Yellow Skool Bus & Rita on the Rocks.

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Check out my process video here: 

I'll see you next week for another Shimmerz project!

Check you later!

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