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Hey everyone! I’m up on the Shimmerz Blog sharing this gorgeous layout mixing florals with the ombre look. It’s no secret that I love using florals in my layouts because they add color, dimension and shimmer! My family and I recently went on vacation and, among the pictures we snapped there, we came back with this awesome, colorful picture! I just couldn’t wait to scrap it. Like my previous blog post for Shimmerz, I’ve divided the process of making layout into 3 sections: background, florals and leaflets, and bringing it all together.

               I used Vicki Boutin’s Foundations paper because I knew that I was going to use lots of liquid with my mixed media. I grabbed a regular bowl to help me mark my center and circumference with a white gel pen. By using a white gel pen, any marks can be easily covered. Once I’d made my circle, I removed the bowl and sprayed the center with Shimmeringz Goldie Lox to give it a bit of shimmer. 

After waiting for it to dry, I placed the bowl back on the background as close to the original marking as possible, and then gathered my other mists (they are listed below) to create the ombre look. I began spraying them from the bottom up slightly overlapping the mists to achieve a smooth transition. 

Waited about 5 minutes for the mists to dry a bit, and then repeated the process. I did this to ensure that my colors were nice and bright! Without waiting for it to dry, I poured a bit of white acrylic paint and water into a mini mister and sprayed the whole background. This technique gives the colors a marbled/crackled look.

 I then watered down some white and gold acrylic paint and splattered them along the whole background. Later, I removed the bowl and set the background aside to dry.

·        Caribbean Sunset (Spritz)
·        Cotton Candy (Spritz)
·        Lil’ Yellow School Bus (Coloringz)
·        Tuscan Sun (Spritz)
·        Princess (Vibez)
·        Rip Van Periwinkle (Vibez)

Flowers and Leaflets
               Since I knew that I’d be adding floral die cuts from Paige Evans’ Whimsical, Horizon and Truly Grateful collections, I decided to make some extra florals to make the wreath look fuller. To accomplish this, I grabbed some scrap white and kraft cardstock, gold acrylic paint, a floral Vicki Boutin stamp, and archival ink and lots of Shimmerz (listed below). I made gold, yellow, blue/violet and pink flowers, and green leaflets. For the gold flowers, I used the kraft cardstock which I covered with gold acrylic paint and splatters of Miner, Miner 49er an Old Yeller. The other flowers were made one white textured cardstock. Finally, I made some green splotches from I’d punch some leaflets once dry. Once everything was dry, I fussy cut the florals out.
·        Meet Me @ Sunset (Inklingz)
·        Bahama Mama (Inklingz)
·        Limoncello (Shimmerz)
·        Miner Miner 49er (Inklingz)
·        Hermit the Frog (Vibez)
·        Goldie Lox (Shimmeringz)
·        Rip Van Periwinkle (Vibez)
·        Cotton Candy (Spritz)
·        Caribbean Sunset (Spritz)
·        Lil Yellow School Bus (Coloringz)

Bringing it all together
               I placed my photo on some layers of patterned paper from Paige’s Truly Grateful collection, popped it on 3D tape and placed it in the center of the circle. Then I began layering and tucjing in the flowers and leaflets, letting the background by my guide. Some of the flowers are completely stuck down flat; others have their tips set on 3D tape, and still others are popped up completely on 3D tape. This is how I achieved the layered look. I sprinkled a couple of epoxy dots and hearts, and stickers from Truly Grateful. To marry everything together, I splattered a bit of Miner, Miner 49er throughout the completed layout. Added my journaling at the bottom with a white gel pen. Here's the layout once more and lots of close-ups!

I loved how this turned out, love the color scheme! If you liked any of the colors you saw me use, you can find them all @

Want a freebie? Write my name in the comments section of your order to receive some free paint!

Thanks so much for looking and I hope you are inspired to create a layout like this!

-        Lorimar

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