Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Buggy with Shimmerz! Mixed Media Canvas


Happy Monday!  Tina here today with a fun, funky, and totally cool project:  A Buggy Mixed Media canvas!

 One of my favorite project types to create these days, is anything dimensional, different, and alterable.  Today, I am sharing a fun and funky Bug Canvas, using Shimmerz Paints and Paper Whimsy Alterables.

My original intention was to create a step by step how-to, but I got so involved in my projects, the step by step phased out, so I will try and explain my process as I go along.  ;)

Step One:  Cover each Alterable piece with Gesso.

 Step Two:  Add texture with Dazzelerz and your favorite stencil(s).

Step Three:  Add color with your favorite Shimmerz Sprays. 
Repeat across all Alterable pieces until happy with color and texture.  

Step Four:  Prepare Canvas.  I sprayed the background of my canvas with a Shimmerz Spray and checkerboard stencil.  I dried this completely, then sprayed the entire canvas with another color. 
p.s. I'll let you in on a little secret.  My original idea was to use the backside of the canvas and place my 'bug' over the back opening.  I really didn't like how the back looked after I finished it, so I went with Plan B (the front), and loved how it turned out.

Step Five:  Prepare metal tacks.  I covered 50 (or so) black tacks with gesso, then painted each with Shimmerz sprays and Creemez.  I then hammered them into my canvas, all around the outer edge.  As you can image, the hammering removed the paint from several tacks, so I just re-applied the paints to the tacks and viola! In hindsight, I should have just added the gesso/paint after I hammered them in. Not sure what I was thinking. :)  

 I assembled the Bug, adding several metal embellishments, re-colored with Red Alcohol Ink. 

 I really love how this turned out!  It is TOTALLY ME!  What do you think? ;)

Shimmerz Products Used:  
Dazzelerz: Sour Apple, Sea U in the Mornin'
Vibez: Taupe of the Mornin', Hermit the Frog, Blue Jeans, Rollin in the Hay, Jeni B Bleu
Coloringz: Oh Say Can U Sea, My Bleeding Heart, No Yoking
Spritz: Olive Branch, Caribbean Sunset, Chick-a-dee
Shimmeringz: Heavy Metal
Creemez: Daffodil

Remember, if you were inspired by my project today and place an order, please mention my name in the 'Instructions to Merchant' section and recieve FREE product.  Easy Peasy!

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