Friday, February 14, 2020

My Valentine with Samantha Robles

Happy Valentines Day everyone! The wonderful day to celebrate love. Of course, every day is a great reason to celebrate love but how often do you get to use reds and pinks together? Really only on Valentines day, right? So I went ALL IN with today's layout.
I'm not gonna lie to you guys. Some of my favorite Shimmerz colors are the shades of pink we carry. Every shade of sweet pink you can imagine. I started the process with a 9" circle cut from my Cricut. Then add some gesso to it and leave it dry for about 20 minutes, or until no residue comes off on your fingers. During the dry time, I cut my heart circles cut file from Paige Evans. 

Yay! Your circle now dry and ready for color. The colors used on this wheel of pink is:
and finally, Pink-A-Boo Inklingz

I always say with ombre, start with the dark first. Which of course is Ruby Spritz. I start by spraying one layer, then drying with a heat tool. Once it dries, I add another layer. Each color gets 2 layers of each color. The more layers you add, the more intense the color becomes. I didn't want it to be SUPER over the top though.

Once the ombre circle is totally dry, I glued the back of the heart file and placed it right on top. After adding some foam stickies to the back of the circle, I layer my photo on top with this cute velum from American Crafts. I've been hoarding it for a good 3 years now and I finally parted with it to bounce off the gold in the pillow in the photo. It ties all the colors together!

Once the circle is layered down, I add some of my Doodlebug Design Love Notes | Pick You Odds and Ends hearts. Some are glued down. Some are layered with 3d foam tape. I then write down all the things I love about my oh-so-cute 3 year old son, Oakley using the Doodlebug Love Notes Conversation Hearts Paper. The final touches are some splatters of Ruby Spritz, some enamel "Shimmerz Spotz" (Coming soon to the Shimmerz Shop), some Dotz, as well as some former alphabet stickers from American Crafts I've had stashed away.

I hope this get's you inspired to share the love today! Show everyone some color and love and it always comes back <3

Don't forget, if you spend $35.00 in the Shimmerz Shop this weekend, you get 10% off + a free 1 oz bottle of Sweet Heart Vibez. LOVE that!

-Samantha Robles

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