Friday, August 4, 2017

Love Letters In August.

Welcome to our Love Letters post for August.

I am setting up spreads in my Planner this time.

I started with my 'Brain Dump' / monthly log for August.  I added some simple Lettering and a 'glaze' type technique for adding a graduating colour border to my pages.....really pretty!!!

See the Video below to watch how I did the background and the title in this one

You can see how easy the doodles are.  Straight stems with different shaped flowers on top!
Add a few touches of shimmer here and there with a gel pen and its done!

 I used a Kuretake Fudengokochi brush pen, which makes the lettering pretty easy.  Like regular brush lettering with a paint brush or waterbrush you just press heavier on the down stroke and nice and light on the upstrokes.  Keep that rhythm and you have it!  This particular style of font in the hand lettered quote is a mix of letter styles in the once piece, adding capitals in with cursive and some serifs as well.  Looks really cute mixed up like that!

Some other sample spreads that are coming up for this month......

This has to be my favourite way to use Acritonez yet I think.  Painting florals with my fingers!
I dip my finger in pink, and swirl it around in rough rose petal shapes, then dip again into white and swirl some more into the still wet pink paint, adding highlighted area to the petals.  You can go back in with pink or a darker red tone and end up with a pretty cool looking, slightly textured rose.  Very pretty!!!


This one was done by 'smooching'  (technical term, I  a piece of heavy plastic onto some watery paint on my craft mat and repeatedly pressing it onto my planner pages.  Its a great artsy way of applying paint that you don't want too in areas you want to add writing to!

the next few pages are created this way!

I hope you find some fun ways to use Acritonez in the future.  This is seriously an awesome product.  You need to give it a go!!!

See you again soon!

Lydell :-)

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Janette said...

WOW, your journal is awe inspiring, love,love,love it...x