Saturday, July 1, 2017

Shimmerz Love Letters in July

Welcome to July!

I always try and sit down around this time every month to plan out my next pages for the next month in my planner.  I find it starts the month off nicely and with a bit of a creative boost!
A new month, a new start!

I am just going to share with you today some of the sample pages I did in July, using my Shimerz Paints. Creameez, Shimmerz and Inklingz are wonderful for use in your planner.  I am using a Leuchtturm 1917 grid notebook which handles paint very nicely.

Use a blending card ( or piece of heavy plastic/acetate) to transfer a little of the paint onto, mix it with water and apply it to your project in a watered down consistency

On this first page I drew up the layout I am going to run with.  I chose two contrasting fonts for interest.  mapping things out in pencil first really helps you get everything right before committing to the ink when inking your spread

Next I added colour with two shades of Shimmerz Creameez.  I added the second colour (the blue) to the top of the page while the green section was still wet.  This enables the two colours to merge.

My brain dump spread turned out really pretty with the addition of some Shimmerz Paints, and some simple florals.  They are so vibrant and beautiful to work with.

A bit of a change from my regular forward planning.  
Playing with triangles and a bit of doodling this time!

Moving on to another weekly spread in January.  

....and some more simple but pretty florals.

Adding colour to your planner is a really easy way to brighten the pages and make it pretty.  Adding different styles of lettering adds the touches of detail that make it stand out.  I love pretty pages!

why not try to add Shimmerz Paints to your next planner spread!  Trust me, its fun!!!

Have an awesome July everyone!

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