Friday, June 23, 2017

Alter home decor with Felicity

Hello lovely people. Felicity here today. I want to share today a couple of home decor items that I revamp ALL with shimmerz.

Products used: Pasteez - Tree hugger 
Colouringz Well blue me down and Oh say can U sea. 
Actronez - 3 sheets to the wind and Jiven Jade 

First off with the little old wooden spool, I coated that with the White Actronez, 3 sheets to the wind, then I used mostly the the colouringz over the top once it was dry.  I took the top off the bottles and used a brush to wipe it on. Then I finished off with the paint splatters and teeny bit of the Pasteez on the edge to add dimension. 

Next I alter this cute little frame. I did one about 12 months ago. So when I saw this pre-loved frame, I knew I wanted to give it a new lease of life just like the other one.
So once again, I started with the Actronez, 3 sheets to the wind, then I brush on some of the Acrtonez in Jiven Jade. To add some sparkle and shimmer, I finished off with some of the colouringz.

Oh I love how these turned out. They take pride of place on my mantle in the lounge room.

Hope this inspires you to try something new with your shimmerz. 

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