Friday, March 3, 2017

Love Letters In March

Hello Shimmerz Letter Lovers!

I have a mini tutorial for you today.  Lettering goes hand in hand with Shimmerz Paints.  There are endless options to combine paints and sprays with lettering, either brush lettering with a brush using the paints, or painting/misting the background and writing with similar techniques using brush markers.  Combining mediums creates endless possibilities.

Today I am creating a background with a variety of Shimmerz Paint products, in my Bible, and then adding Brush lettering, using a brush marker!...  So much fun combining the two!!!

I will share my project first, then include the mini tutorial of some brush lettering basics.

I prepared my page first using Clear Gesso.  Not all Gesso's are suitable for lettering on as they are usually made with a gritty texture (which will ruin your pens)  Art Basics (Prima)  has a beautiful clear gesso that is lovely and smooth and perfect for writing on!

I sketched out a large heart and painted it in with a water brush using a watery mix of Inklingz. 
(solid watercolour with gorgeous shimmer)

I always keep a paper towel near by to either clean off the residual paint from the waterbrush, or to dab off excess paint.  I added water as necessary and dabbed until I got a lighter centre to my heart and a darker outside,  creating a dimensional feel to the heart!

Let that dry and next starting on the outside.  I chose a yellow Aqua Huez 
(flat, solid watercolour- no shimmer)
A good amount of water is added to create a distinct watercolour feel.  I added several layers here to get an uneven colouring.  Letting each layer dry before adding more!

I added other colours as well.  Enter Creameez!
(solid, creamy and slightly shimmery water colours)

After that has dried I added my lettering using a brush Marker 
This one is a Pentel Touch and a Pigma Micron 01.

 Now for the Lettering!

This can be done by anyone but it really does requires practice.  As with anything the more you do something, the better you get.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Keep practising!

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