Thursday, January 5, 2017


Hi friendz! Samantha Robles here with the day we've all been waiting for; Shimmerz big new release day! We've got a lot of new and exciting things happening, so buckle up and get ready cause it's going to get CRAZY!!

 First off, we want to wish everyone a happy and shimmery 2017! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be able to grow and try the new things like we're releasing today! Let's kick off our new release #1!

1. We have a whole new way to see Shimmerz Paints now! We have both our brand new and Shimmerz Paints blog. With the brand new Shimmerz Paints website, we've made it easier to learn more about Shimmerz Paints, product information, our talented team and all the latest Shimmerz Newz. Our blog has just received a fun fresh makeover, but will still offer all the shimmer and shine from our team everyday!

2. Our Dazzlerz and Texturez have been "stacking" up for 2017! Starting today, our Dazzlerz and Texturez products will come in brand new stackable jars for easy storage but same great product. The same product amount will be used in these brand new jars. Just a funky fresh new look! Find our whole selection of Dazzlerz and Texturez right here!

3. We are so excited for you to meet our two new Shimmerz Paints products dropping today! Our team has had a hard time keeping these two beauties a secret. Meet our first of the two, Acritonez! Acritonez are our own form of acrylic paint that reduces or eliminates the need of gesso! Acritonez comes in 12 highly pigmented colors with a hint of shimmer added to them. Hurry over to our brand new Shimmerz Paints Store to grab yours before anyone else!

4. Whew! Now that we're coming down from the excitement from everything we've just spilled the shimmer on, we have ONE more new release to share! Everyone, meet Paste-eez! Paste-eez is our brand new dimensional pastes that have no shimmer added to them. What makes Paste-eez even better is they can be mixable within one another to create a custom paste palette for one-of-a-kind project creations! Grab all 12 colors today at the all new Shimmerz Paints store

Can you handle all this goodness?! We sure hope so! Talk about some hard secrets to keep. Make sure to "Like" the Shimmerz Paints Facebook page and "Subscribe" to our YouTube channel to catch Shimmerz Shortz. We will be featuring our two new products at 9 AM MST. Trust me, you don't want to miss these two! Thanks for stopping by and let's get to shopping!

-Shimmerz Paints Team


Heather Thompson said...

very very cool! lots of new things. love it.

Torsa Saha said...

Wow !!

Nicole Martel said...

Love the new look! So excited about the new products!

CraftyJoy9 said...

I'm new to your products but, I checked out the website. Beautiful colors! I'm a big fan of shimmer! Do you have an email list? Thanks 💖🙋🏼💖