Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Song Journal Layout, By Stephanie Buice

Hello everyone! Stephanie here today sharing a recent page I did in my song journal.
I wanted to take a before picture this time around so you could see most of the materials I used to create this project, and how simple it was to pull together. 
So grab a few of your favorite Shimmerz Coloringz and give this one a try!

This just goes to show that sometimes it's ok to keep things simple, for this I really wanted the focus to be on the song lyrics and not so much the products I used. I used a paint brush to add some strokes of each color across my page, then let it dry.

Once I had my background prepped and it was fully dry I ran it through my typewriter to add in some of the song lyrics. I used some white letter stickers that I later outlined with black marker to make the words stand out a bit more.

This page actually has a bit of story behind it, so let me share a little with you. I'm not sure why God uses me driving so often to speak to my heart, maybe because it's one of the few times I'm just still ha! Anyways there I was driving along and this song "King of The World" by Amy Grant comes on. Now guys, I have heard this song probably about 20 times so I'm not sure why this time was any different, but it was. Read some of those lyrics up there. "I try to fit you in the walls inside my mind", I try to keep you safely in between the lines. I try to put you in the box that I designed, I try to pull you down so we are eye to eye."  Um...Wow. What I get from this song is kind of two fold I guess, a little bit of guilt that I find myself actually doing this to the One who created me. Oh how He must laugh at us sometimes. But the other part that I take away from this is also a bit of comfort. We don't need to try and make God our size, or to shrink him down to our point of view because He already knows it all. He knows the things that I sometimes feel like I can't get across, when my heart can't find the words, He can sing the back to me because HE IS THE KING OF THE WORLD and the King of my heart.

ok so if you're still with me, thanks of following along, to finish up I just want to share a few of the other detail shots I took so you could get a closer peek.

Because I was trying to keep this one simple I just added a few die cut leaves around the page, stamped the date and added a few other elements here and there.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you like my page!

Supply List: Shimmerz Coloringz: Peachy Keen, Mandarin Mai Tai, No Yolking, Don't Citron Me, Keep Palm, Well Blue Me Down, Pink Stilettos; Studio Calico: Mega Date Stamp; All other supplies: Illustrated Faith By Bella Blvd.

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