Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November's Love Letters with Shimmerz Paints

Hey there it's November!!!  Can you believe it?

November is going to be an awesome month.  I celebrate my Birthday, (which if I am clever can be a birth-month! :) )  Preparation for Christmas festivities begin, and thinking about gift giving, making plans for holidays and getting into the Spirit of Christmas!  Its all fun!!!

To kick start November I thought I would sketch out a November Calendar Topper.  Look out for the download here on the blog.

I used a water brush and just two Shimmerz Paints that coordinated well together (Purpilicious and Little Boy Blue Aqua Huez.)



You can see that I drew out the basic outline in lead pencil first, so I was sure it would fit and the words sat well together.

Using a water brush (a paintbrush with a refillable water barrel to continuously release water for painting and lettering) and a couple of Shimmerz Paint colours I started painting in the letters.  Keeping in mind the downstrokes should be heavier (fatter) and the upstrokes thinner.  While the first layer of colour is still wet, drop in a little of the coordinating colour to create a gradation type of effect.

I used a fine black pen (a Pigma Micron 01 is my favourite) and the technique I used is a rough multiple line technique where you purposely draw wobbly lines and do multiple passes.  It reduces the need for drawing perfect linework and adds interest.

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen has a brush tip one end and a fine tip the other.  I use a grey that looks good as a shadow and draw in the shadows imagining the light source is coming from the top right, casting shadow on the left and bottom side of all the letters.

Lastly add colour to the banner adding dimension by darkening shadow areas and lightening the centre area creating depth.

A fun little quick project you can use anywhere.....In your planner, on cards, labels, scrapbooking etc!!!  Just add the same techniques to whatever you need for your own project!

Have a wonderful November!

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