Thursday, September 1, 2016

Love Letters In September. Water Color Embossed cards.

Hello There.  Its the first of the month again and I have another video showing you an easy lettering project!  This one features Shimmerz Coloringz and embossing.

Check out the video below to see how its done!

As you can see, drawing the roses is quite easy, just squiggly lines wrapping around the centre bud, does not need to be perfect.  Draw the full flowers first, then tuck in segments of flowers that are sitting behind.  Add some leaves here and there and when you add the colour it will completely come to life.  

Tip....draw with the embossing pen under a light and you can see the 'sheen' of the embossing fluid.  Its a bit tricky to see your lines other wise!

(If you are not brave enough to try yourself you could stamp an image using embossing ink, and emboss with powder the same way!)

I cut my water colour paper to roughly 4 x 4 Inches and once my design was finished I added a stitching border on the sewing machine.

....AND, If you have been practicing your brush lettering then finishing these cards will be a breeze.

A little about the product....
Coloringz are a spray watercolour product much like Spritz and Vibez, but has no shimmer.  It sports vibrant colour, but is also transparent allowing a unique building of colour with repeat applications to create depth.  Today I used it like a liquid watercolour and dipped a brush into it (either poured into a palette or just dipped straight into the bottle.)  So easy!  

Find Coloringz in the Shimmerz Store HERE

Hope you will give this a try!

Take care, and enjoy September everyone.

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Helen Gullett said...

Wow!! Love these hand-drawn and hand-painted cards! Absolutely gorgeous and elegant. Thank you for the video tutorial!