Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sunflower Layout With Yuko

Hello!Everyone! Yuko here!
Japan is now midsummer!!!
It is very hot every day!!!

Our family went to see the sunflower field.

【feel GREAT★】
Yet time is a little early, sunflower was not much blooming.
But was a great landscape.

The title chip board was painted Miner of INKLINGZ, 
Miner49er the (gold).
This color is often use because it is elegant gold.

I mist the Jenie B Blue of VIBEZ in the background.
Past love this color, I use much !
Just the right feeling of is light blue that I !

After lightly mist, take the liquid mist to brush
It flew a splash.
I think I get a shade even without you only use 
the same one of the mist In this way.

Thank you !

VIBEZ / Jenie B Blue
CREAMEEZ / Daffodil
INKLINGZ /Miner,Miner49er

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