Monday, August 1, 2016

Love Letters in August.

Hi all, Happy August!

It's the first of the month and I have another lettering video to share today showing you some basics of Brush Lettering with Shimmerz (Aqua Huez, Creameez or Inklingz) and the Aquash water brush.

Just some basics to get started.

The Aquash Brush pen comes with the 'Choose your Huez' sets.  It is essentially a brush pen that carries the water in its barrel making it the perfect paint brush for travelling or creating on the go.  It is refillable and self cleaning without the need for glasses of water. All you need is a paper towel and you can remove colour by wiping the paint off and gently squeezing.  You can dilute the paint as you go and it's handy to add small amounts of water to the paint pots as you work (when the water soaks in and the paint gets thicker)

Aqua Huez, Creameez and Inklingz are Shimmerz water based, solid paints that need water applied to 'activate' the colour.  Much like water colours, one easy way is to spritz all the pots with a spray bottle, before you start setting up and in a few minutes they have rejuvenated making the solid paints ready to use.

If you have ever wanted to learn Brush lettering then this is a good place to start.

Grab your copy paper, a brush and your Shimmerz and remember to pause the video if you need to take some extra time, or see something again.  It really is just a matter of practice.

This second video is just a super short 3 minute long video of some of the basic strokes to start with.
Fill your papers up with these drills.  You might find it tricky to master the thick and thin strokes at first, but it will come to you and you will get better.  Just keep at it!


Hope you enjoy learning to brush letter.  Its really fun to do!
Thanks for stopping by today.

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Helen Gullett said...

So full of fun amd colors!