Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Photo Frame with Yuko

Hello!Shimmerz friends! Yuko here!

I remade a photo frame the other day to display a photograph 
when I went to the trip.
This photo frame was pink first.

I forgot to take the photograph of the original pink state! 

I painted it in pure white in gesso.

As I was transparent still more, 
I dried it when I painted three times and repeated ... at once.

If gesso dries, I color it.

I used three colors of blue systems of 
shimmerz Tickle Me Turquoise and CREAMEEZ Ride the Tide 
and INKLINHG ME&BLUE this time.

There is also a thin image I CREAMEEZ and INKLINGZ
Do you want to color? I was anxious but
Water fewer is not a problem if you use in darker put a little time.
It gave us clean coloring.

I painted with glitter and Stickles of the blue system from the top.

More large sand was also put additionally.

With the layout made last time and the candle bought at Ishigaki Island.
It's being displayed in my room together.

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shimmerz Tickle Me Turquoise 
CREAMEEZ  Ride the Tide

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