Saturday, April 23, 2016

dream layout with Yuko

Hello!It's Yuko here!

I made a layout with a photo that is most like in the other day of the trip!

This photo is wearing a dress by the hotel gave me rental
I took a picture with my daughter!

But I wanted to make in the light blue × yellow to match
 the color of the dress
So I had a hard time without quite paper,
was represented by a colored background.

Somehow it seems to yellow, but it is actually orange.
The orange and blue of the mist was colored while blurring taking the brush.

Painted a bond to be gorgeous
It was allowed to glitter sprinkled the art suger of Prima.

I'm sorry not beautiful weather is bad image today.
Pale shades cloudy day is shooting difficult....

 <shimmerz prpducts>
VIBEZ    Jennie B Blue/Summer Strip

Thank you for looking!

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