Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bible Journaling Planner Spread- Ephesians 4:15

Good Morning everyone!
Stephanie here to share a fun way to add in some bible journaling to your weekly planner spreads, it's super easy and I really love the little reminder it gives me overtime I take a peek inside.

I love that my planner leaves me lots of room to write and create anyway that I'd like, for this spread I even added in some Aqua Huez, Creameez along with some of my other favorites. Here is the right side of my spread.

For the left side as you can see below, that's where I really had fun mixing my paints and playing around.

For this week's spread I chose to use the verse Ephesians 4:15, to me it's such a great reminder and gut check of how my week is going, a little reminder to be the person God created me to be!

It was so easy to mix in different colors. Where I couldn't get one to match my papers exactly, I simply mixed in a bit of marker inks, Colorings or Vibes to help me get the darker or bold look I was after.

All in all what I hope you take away from my post is that not only can you use Shimmerz's paints anywhere, you can also add little touches of your faith outside of your journaling bible or other faith art forms. This little bit of positivity is such a boost whenever I may need it durning the week, simple but it packs a punch!

Coloringz: My Bleeding Heart, Pretty in Pink, Peachy Keen, Mandarin Mai Tai, No Yoking, Don't Citron Me, Heidi Ho Blue; Creameez: Lettuce Get Together, Ride The Tide Blue, Daffodil, Great Fruit, Tripping In the Tropics, Piggy Pink.

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