Monday, January 18, 2016

Jesus You Are All I Need- Stephanie Buice

Good morning everyone! Stephanie here today with my very first Shimmerz blog post, and I've been so excited to share with you!
I will be bringing you guys bible journaling and faith art pages like this one from my Song and Praise journal, to hopefully inspire you to try it out for yourselves.
My Song Journal is mainly where I document little tidbits of my heart that get stirred up by worship music, and bible journaling is all about documenting prayers and thoughts on scripture in my bible or other little faith journals. Both are just fun ways in which I get to use the talents God gave me to glorify Him and let Him know how thankful I am that I have His love in my life. 

Music is one of my favorite things, I love how I can always find something to match my mood or even lift me up when I'm having one of those days. My favorite part about music is how the lyrics can often put into words so easily what I can not, I may be feeling or thinking it but find it hard to articulate. Then bam! I'll be driving down the road and I hear some song and think "Yes, that exactly it! How did YOU get into my head!?" Haha it never fails!

So I grabbed my Shimmerz paints and got right to work on creating the background for this page.
First I started with using some of the Creameez by just brushing them here and there around my paper, layering the colors until I got a base that I liked.
After the Creameez were dry I added in some Dazzlers brushed in on top, then I 
set it aside so it could dry a bit.

While I was waiting for my background to dry I decided to paint some flowers for the bottom corner of my page. I used a mix of Dazzlerz, acrylics and Creameez for these. I'm not sure why, but flowers are one of the most challenging things for me to paint. I'm not really a drawing artist so I just king of winged it then cut them out in the shape and sizes I wanted. They worked perfectly even though they are very imperfect, ha!
After all my paint was dry I added in my title, journaling and a few stamps here and there.
It really is such a simple page but the feelings that went into it are ones of so much love and thanks.

This entry is inspired by the Gateway Worship song "Dwelling Place", as I sat there listening to this song, I couldn't help but feel crazy love for God. I was amazed by how even through music He takes the chance to draw nearer to us.

Starting this new year I feel like I have a thousand resolutions, some are tiny and some are so large they almost seem impossible. I was trying to make a list of them when this song can on and I almost dropped my pen. "Jesus you are all I need." I could fill an entire note pad with resolutions but if I do not have my heart right with God it is all meaningless.
So at that point I just ripped the page off my pad and started writing this instead: I know that everything I could ever need or want is found in Jesus. Once my eyes are in the right spot my heart will follow and in Him I will find the strength and will power to conquer all of my impossibles. Meaning once He is in the right spot everything else will eventually fall into place.

I hope you've enjoyed my page and that I've inspired you to try journaling your heart out to God in any way you feel led. You may even be surprised by what you end up creating, when something comes right from the heart it seldom disappoints!

Supply List: Dazzlerz: Dreamscicle, Spun Sugar, Sea U in the Mornin', Tutti Frutti, Lemon Drop, Pucker Up Pink, Gummy Berry Blue, Licorice Stick, Red-iculous, Sour Apple; Creameez: Great Fruit, Daffodil, Ride The Tide, My Clementine, Lettuce Get Together, Just Peachy, Tripping' in the Tropics, Piggy Pink, Strawberry Fields; Coloringz: My Bleeding Heart.

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Cynthia Daugherty said...

It's interesting to see how you have captured a heart blessing and put it on to paper with ink. Worship is a delight and an honor.