Monday, July 13, 2015

Picasso Inspired Wall Art

Happy Monday!

Tina here today with a new Design Team project.  I got 'alottabit' artsy with my project this month and I hope you enjoy it. 

A few months ago, I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my youngest Son, who is a Graphic Design major.  He is very knowledgeable about Art History and drew me into Cubism and Picasso art.  

Picasso was a creative genius and I just love his creative drive and how he used his vision to create amazing works of Art.

My project today is inspired by a piece of Picasso art, with a Tina twist.  :)

Adult Coloring pages are super HOT right now, and I LOVE to create with them.  I find them relaxing and fun!  I found a Picasso coloring page, located HERE, but instead of color it on paper with markers and paint, I wanted to create a piece of hang-able art.

I'll walk you through my design process, step by step.

Step One:  Tape a piece of white tissue paper to a scrap piece of 8x10 paper

Step Two:  Print image on tissue paper.  Here's what my screen looked like as I printed the image.

Step Three: Adhere to wood canvas with Mod Podge, Matte Medium, or your adhesive of choice.

Step Four:  Since my image wasn't quite as big as my canvas, I added several stamped images that reflected the Picasso shapes and designs.

Step Five:  Paint each section/grid in contrasting colors.  I used the following Shimmerz Creameez colors:  Thunder Storm, Daffodil, Berry Hot, Ride the Tide, and Mr. Clementine.

Step Six:  Using a Stabilo All pencil, outline each section/grid and wet the pencil lines, creating a watercolor effect.

Step Seven:  Using coordinating colors of Acrylic Paint Markers, add dots to each section/grid.

Step Eight:  Seal entire canvas, using clear resin.  I used Amazing Crafting Product Clear Cast Resin.  (warning - you will be addicted to this stuff - It's amazing)  You can really see the shine in this picture.  

Step Nine:  Hang and enjoy!  I loved creating this so much, I'd like to create a little vignette of Picasso inspired images on my wall.  I love how easy and artsy it turned out!

Don't forget the sides of your canvas.  I just followed the general shape over the side and embellished. 


I hope you enjoyed my project today!  

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Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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