Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coloring with Inklingz!

I am completely blown away with the versatility of Inklingz. In a previous post, I showed how the Inklingz can be layered on thick to create shimmery but full coverage colors on wood, chipboard etc. This time, I used it as a water-colour medium and I am so pleased with the results..

I started by placing a stencil on my paper and spreading some thick gesso over it. As the medium dried, I gradually added colors with Inklingz... simply colouring over the flower petals and leaves. I added more coats for darker and fuller shades and left the other parts with lighter colors...

I used papers from Maja Design Sweden to complement with my Shimmerz Mists and Paints...

It has a beautiful shimmery glaze in real life but I don't have the camera skills and equipment to capture it properly.

These are the products I used...

Inklingz: Corney Flower Blue, Coral Reef, Freshly Minted, Pink a Boo
Creameez: Ride The Tide
Coloringz: No Yoking

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