Sunday, August 31, 2014

A little Art Journal therapy.

Welcome to the Shimmerz Blog today.
I am sharing a journal page I did recently.
I use my art journal like a lot of people do, not just for playing with products and techniques, which it is PERFECT for, but also to journal the stuff going on in my life.  Sometimes good stuff, sometimes not-so-good stuff, either way its great to get it out and onto a page, getting your Art out at the same time.
Its a great technique to process stuff as well, and is better for you than chocolate!

We have just made it through a bout of the Flu, where we were all really sick.  It got pretty ordinary there for a while, and seemed to go on forever.  Thankfully we are all well again now, but I am still trying to get on top of house and school stuff after almost 4 weeks of being out of action.

I used loads of Shimmerz Paints.  Far too many to list.  But the Paint pots of Shimmerz featured heavily.  They can be put on thin and have a transparent quality, or can be added really thickly adding lots of texture and dimension.  I used Coloringz and Vibez in the many layers too, along with texture Paste, White Structure Acrylic Paint, and black and white India Ink.  I used The Crafters Workshop Stencils amongst the layers too.

 I used the india ink with a copperplate nib to do the text and fine lines, and a thin brush for some of the brush script too.

 I had fun anyway!!!  Now I want to start another!

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Have a great week.

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